Long before the launch of BeanBagTheBrand and before we had the balls to make this thing a reality. We always emphasized that we would never take it too seriously and would always keep things a little bit "tongue in cheek" if you know what we saying! So our concept shifted and changed on numerous occasions, however the aspect that always remained in picture was that we wanted to involve a charity!

So What we have decided to do is involve the Animal Welfare Society in Port Elizabeth as the very first charity beneficiary whilst we get the ball rolling. BeanBagTheBrand will be giving you the chance to voluntarily donate R50 when purchasing any product on our website! If you do decide to opt for the R50 donation we will match it with R50 from our very own pockets!

Every two months we will determine how many donations have been made by #beanbaggers and will then match it from our side! So an example would be if 10 people chose to donate R50 when purchasing online the customer portion would be R500, we would then match this amount of R500 bringing the total amount to R1000!

BeanBagTheBrand will publicly announce the donation amount at the end of each month. The use of the funds can be used to purchase dog food, blankets or we will simply hand over the cash to Animal Welfare Society! However we will be sure to consult with them and take them into consideration in order to fulfill there needs at the current time!